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Here Come the Groomed Doggies, Calgary!

Many believe that grooming is simply a thing to do when your dog gets dirty or a little rough around the edges. Although, there are numerous health benefits to a proper wash and groom as well. That is why Spa 4 Paws is proud to offer stress-free bathing and grooming services for Calgary’s doggies!

Grooming for Health

A proper wash and groom can benefit your pet in so many ways. Our thorough bathing process helps remove dirt and bacteria that become trapped in your dog’s fur and between toes. We use non-irritating grooming products, designed to maintain a healthy oil balance on your dog’s skin. You can also check out some of our grooming products for home-use within our shop!

Grooming for Looks (& Fun)

Just as we all love to look our best – so does your pooch! From the feeling of being refreshed to the extra attention they receive from their owners, many dogs begin to love the grooming process after just a few visits! Dog grooming can also be fun. Let’s say the Flames are heading into the playoffs, and you want Fido to share in the excitement. We can use pet-safe dyes to put a flaming C logo on their backside so you both can join in on the fun!

Doggy Nail Clipping

Although dogs have done just fine without a nail trim for thousands of years, because they are unable to run around rocky surfaces all day, this service is a must for all dog owners! When pet dogs’ nails go unclipped, the pressure of their nails against hard flooring surfaces can cause pains in their feet and joints.

Longer nails can also easily get snagged in fabrics such as carpeting, couches, and bedding materials, which is another source of pain. That is why it is essential to have your dog’s nails clipped regularly for their health and happiness.

Pricing varies by the needs of each dog individually so give us a call or stop by for a quote.

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